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35th edition     >>     STAND-BY     >>     Bevons, France

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Matias de Valentin Alsina DJ
Matias de Valentin Alsina DJ

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Dinner setting
Dinner setting

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What is Milonga des 4 saisons ?


Nowadays you would call it a tango marathon…

But that wouldn’t be enough… There is something special, a wonderful mix between the beauty of the place, the kindness of our hosts, the diversity of the participants and surrounding nature.

Then add a ballroom dancefloor smooth as a baby's bottom and talented DJ’s !


And what you get is the difficult choice between lying on the grass and daydreaming, escaping to the river with a bunch of friends or enjoying nice embraces on the flow of a Fresedo.


 If you haven’t heard yet about « 4 saisons », ask someone who’s been there !

35th edition

...will be announced later...

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It all begun in in the fall of 2005 with a group of friends who decided to organize a little tango week-end where you could dance all night long and share breakfast before going to bed, “just as Sitges”.

Dominique had just finished to turn a 95m2 barn into a danceroom with beech parquet flooring and good sound system.


We called it  the 4 Seasons Milonga because at the beginning we organized one edition per season.  Over time, the "4 seasons" became the "2 seasons" and the event reached a greater scale, but the spirit remained the same... We like to think that this event has something special and is like no other.



The next edition 

Twice a year we enjoy a 3-day gathering in a festive tango mood, with open air games and activities, relax and sharing moments in a bucolic setting nestled between a lavender hill and a pine forest.


What’s the Program ? Tango ! Tango ! Tango !

Sunny milonga 2pm – 8pm and starry milonga 10pm – 5am...


But also : sight-seeing in Sisteron, typical rural town of Provence and the Citadel (built in the 11th century and fortified by Vauban in the 17th), Non-Tango workshops, river walk, climbing, slacklining, massages, chit-chat on the grass or nap in the hammock, or vice versa ...


For your relaxation, depending on the availability of our therapist friends, you could find : Foot reflexology, Ayurvedic and Chinese massage…. 


Nadine & Samyr, the owners of the Mas, prepare breakfasts and dinners, festive kitchen based on fresh and colorful products, creative and refined.


For detailed information have a look at our  Program


Waiting for you !


The team has changed over the years, the 4 Saisons soul is still the same !

The active team includes Dominique, Anca, Baharé, Benoît, Mihai and Eric, assisted by the irreplaceable managers of Mas du Figuier : Nadine and Samyr, and our so discreet and so marvellous Marie.

But Andrei, Brigitte, Smahane and Julie will also always be part of the team ;)



If you have any question just write to :


Mihai +33.(0)668.44.2704

Anca +49.(0)172.410.6816

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